Newsletter for September 2017

[Note: several of the images were lost–they are in the emailed version only, sorry!]

** Store News
In our continual quest to be as green a company as possible, we will be swapping our fluorescent lights for LED lights. These should reduce our power consumption significantly. In fact, because lighting is the majority of our power bill, there might be some months that the solar panels on our Albany store actually produce more power than we use!

Anyway, there might be a day or two where there are people with ladders in your favorite sections, so please have patience during the refitting.

Of greater interest to you is that we're going to have our 16th Anniversary sale in October. The date will be figured out by the next newsletter, so stay tuned.

** New Arrivals

** 1881 Arctic Cruise of the Revenue Steamer Corwin. With Botanical Notes on Alaska by John Muir.
Washington, DC, 1883

The strength of the text lies in its descriptions of the native cultures of Alaska, as well as the beautiful bird chromolithographic plates. However, John Muir is the "brand name" here.

One of the most influential naturalists in history, Muir is best known for his work in California, but he also wrote his famous book "Cruise of the Corwin" based, of course, on this cruise. $250

More photos can be seen here:

** Mastering Finger Cymbals: Popular Belly Dance Rhythms with Suggested Dance Steps, Exercises to Strengthen Cymbal Technique and Basic Music Theory.
Mary Ellen Donald. San Francisco, 1977

Although I'm sure you all would LOVE to see me belly dancing with little finger cymbals, I'm not yet at the top of my game. Meanwhile, see if you can catch up to me by honing your own skills with this book! Good condition, $10

** Abominable Snowmen: Legend Come to Life.
Ivan T. Sanderson, second printing, 1961.

What I'd REALLY love to see, of course, is Bigfoot bellydancing with finger cymbals.

Worn jacket now in mylar. $25

** So This Is Klickitat.
Selma M. Neils. Metropolitan Press, 1967.

The history of this area from the early homesteaders to mill town. The paper mill lasted a good quarter-century after this book was written, finally closing down in 1994. Lots of lumber history in here. Near fine copy in jacket, $25

** The Herring Gull's World: A Study of the Social Behaviour of Birds.
Niko Tinbergen. Basic Books, 1961.

Tingergen shared the 1973 Nobel Prize for studies in the social behavior of animals. Oddly, the book we most often see is a biography of him (called "Niko's Nature") rather than his own publications.

Ultimately, however, I just love this cover design by Clifford & Rosemary Ellis. Near fine in jacket, $15

** M.C. Escher: Visions of Symmetry.
Doris Schattschneider. Abrams, 2004 revised edition.

A much more comprehensive book than most of the books on this artist. Color reproductions on nearly every page, 364 pp. Near fine in jacket, $15

** Pharmako Poeia: Power Plants, Poisons, & Herbcraft.
Dale Pendell; foreword by Gary Snyder. 2009

The history & uses of psychoactive plant-derived substances & synthetics: tobacco, alcohol, cannabis, opium, absinthe, nitrous oxide, etc. Illustrated in b/w throughout, near fine in jacket, $35

** Katya's Book of Mushrooms.
Katya Arnold & Sam Swope. Henry Holt & Co., 1996

Yep, mushroom season is fast approaching! First, I'll make a little plug for our stock of mushroom books in the "new books" section. This one, however is aimed at children--a mix of history, science, and field guide. Very good copy in like dust jacket. $12

** Slow Stitch: Mindful and Contemplative Textile Art.
Claire Wellesley-Smith, 2015.

I love this book because the blurb on the back promotes a "slower way to stitch." Hahaha, every other book in the universe tries to sell itself by promising to do things more quickly: whether it's crafts, losing weight, cooking, gardening, and so on.

Much is covered: quilting, embroidery, mending, natural dyes, repurposing old fabrics, etc. Also--book covers! A cool book that makes me want to pick up a needle again. Now I know that I can say, "I'm not slow, I'm just mindful." :-)  Hardcover, fine condition. $15

** Tales of Terror.
Boris Karloff (ed.) World Publishing Co, 1950.

Bram Stoker, Edgar Allan Poe, Philip MacDonald, along with William Faulkner, Joseph Conrad, O. Henry, and others. Love this cover, VG/VG $25

Through the good graces of one of our customers, I've scored a ticket to see Stephen King in Portland next month! (Thanks, Mr. B.) I'll do what I can to post a few pictures of the event on our Facebook page.

Also coming up on Facebook is: we'll be hiring for a part-time position in Corvallis. I won't be posting it for a few days, so you've got a head start in typing up your resume!

Enjoy the browsing!

Scott Givens