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Paper certainly ranks as one of the most important inventions in the history of human culture. The books in this list cover various topics in its manufacture and use.

The first section focuses on handmade paper, the second on machine-made paper. The final few items are interesting samples of paper.

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Chinese Decorated Papers: Chinoiserie for Three

Hans Schmoller, Tanya Schmoller, and Henry Morris.

Newton: Bird & Bull Press, 1987.

Letters, memoir, and essay about these papers. First described to westerners by Marco Polo, these inexpensive and highly decorated papers were made for ceremonial purposes.

“Cheaply made for everyday use by everyday people. They began to be discouraged and then outlawed in the 1920s “since superstition is a hindrance to progress.” The prize in this book is the 24 samples of papers that date from the early 20th century.

Burgundy leather spine with light blue paper-covered boards, blue spine label. Printed on heavyweight mouldmade Hahnemuhle paper, 325 copies made. Fine condition, minor fading to spine, includes prospectus. $300

Chinese Handmade Paper

Floyd Alonzo McClure.

Newton: Bird & Bull Press, 1986.

McClure wrote this book as a Master’s thesis in 1928, and brought a large collection of handmade papers home with him in hopes of including them in a commercially published book, but was unsuccessful. The present book includes 40 tipped-in samples from that collection.

Quarto, leather spine with paper-covered boards, printed on heavyweight Elfenbein mouldmade Hahnemuhle paper. Includes prospectus and facsimile of the South China Morning Post laid in. Fine copy in fair slipcase with horrific repair job to rear panel. $400

Decorated Book Papers: Being an account of their Designs and Fashions.

Rosamond B. Loring.

Cambridge: Harvard College Library, Department of Printing and Graphic Arts, 1973. Third edition.

A thorough technical history of decorated endpapers and cover papers, including several plates as examples.

Additionally, Loring describes the process of making them. Out of print in 1942, this edition includes additional content from Philip Hofer, Walter Whitehill, Dard Hunter, and Veronica Ruzicka, as well as a list of known makers of early book papers. An essential addition to a collection of the history of book manufacture.

Near fine condition in price-clipped dust jacket. Owner’s bookplate to front endpaper. $25

Paper Making by Hand in 1967

J. Barcham Green.

Maidstone: 1967.

The Green family has been paper makers since the 17th century. The book starts with the declaration that “there are no text books or lectures to help one to master the craft: to so do one must be an apprentice, love the work and, in fact, make it one’s hobby, too.” Rather than an instruction book, this is a description of the work, processes, and equipment involved. Illustrated with 22 photos and drawings.

Hardcover bound in printed paper-covered boards. Owner’s bookplate, modest bump to head of spine, some rubbing to boards. Limited edition of 1000 copies, this is number 12. Very good condition, sold

Papermaking as an Artistic Craft

John Mason.
Foreword by Dard Hunter, illustrated by Rigby Graham.

Leicester: Twelve by Eight Press, 1963.

Part instruction, part description, this is a fine press revised edition of the book originally published by Faber & Faber. Includes four samples, including one with a sprig of a plant.

Flexible vellum covers, toning to covers near and at spine, owner’s bookplate, else fine. $70

The Paper Makers Craft

Oliver Bayldon.
Illustrated by Rigby Graham.

Leicester: Twelve by Eight Press, 1965.

Free translation of the 17th century Latin poem “Papyrus” by Father Imberdis of Ambert. Printed by Will Carter, paper from Millhourn, Wookey Hole, Jack Green, and Twelve by Eight Private Mill. A fun addition to any ‘papyrophile’ or fine press collection.

Vellum covers with paperboard chemise. #56 of edition of “less than” 400 copies. Fine. $125

My Life with Paper

Dard Hunter.

New York: Alfred A. Knopf, 1958.

If there could ever be a “superstar” of papermaking and the history of paper, Dard Hunter would be it. This account of his work includes two paper samples.

Very good condition, the only flaw being a large “Discarded from The Milwaukee Public Library” stamp to front endpaper; no other library markings. No jacket, offered as a nice reading copy. $25

The Mill and Us

Florence Rome Garrett.

Bridgewater: The Flume Press, 1978.

Inscribed by author & illustrator to Walter Frankel, then Rare Book Librarian of the Philadelphia Free Library.  Color vignette on title page, tipped in sample paper from the mill purchased (and written about) by the Garretts.  Limited to 450 copies, this is D-17, one of 25 reserved for special binding.  In this case the binding is by Charlotte M. Ullman.

Red cloth boards, leather spine label, beautiful marbled endpapers. Fine. $100

A Chronology of Paper and Paper-Making

Joel Munsell.
5th edition

A scarce item. I’m particularly fascinated by this book because it is completely disbound and missing the title page, laid in is a significantly toned envelope from Wright Howes upon which is written “Munsell. History of Paper Making, Lacks title page. 5th ed.” Selling books in this condition is both anathema and traditional.

All numbered pages appear to be present, first and last extant pages have damage to edges and corners. Poor condition, obviously, but it just needs a home. $10


382 Photomicrographs of 91 Papermaking Fibers

Charles H. Carpenter and Lawrence Leney.

Syracuse: SUNY, College of Forestry, 1952

Fibers from softwoods, hardwoods, miscellaneous plants (including pineapple, which is a new one for me), wool, silk, asbestos, rayon, and nylon. An excellent reference “to assist pulp and paper technicians in identifying cellular constituents.”

Softcover, comb bound. Owner’s name to first page, very light wear. Very good condition. Sold

Crown Zellerbach Corporation: A Survey.

George S. Armstrong & Co., Inc.

San Francisco, 1947.

Financial analysis prior to the proposed merger of Crown Zellerbach and Crown Willamette Paper Company. Includes many b/w photos, both contemporary and historical of the company’s operations in the Pacific Northwest, as well as detailed information, both financial and narrative, of the company’s history and current standing.

Quarto, hardcover with vellum paper spine. Near fine in slightly scuffed and soiled slipcase. $175

American Watermarks, 1690-1835

Thomas L. Gravell and George Miller.
Revised by Elizabeth A. Walsh.

New Castle: Oak Knoll Press, 2002

A standard reference with photos of watermarks and histories of mills.

Quarto, full cloth boards, no jacket. Fine. $25

Rags: Being an Explanation of Why They Are Used in the Making of Paper

Arthur E. Andrews.

A hardcover promotional book produced or supported by a group of 29 American mills. The main thrust is to introduce the reader to the quality & benefits of rag paper.

First, it is durable: the facts of its longevity through history and structural durability (it can be creased 1,000-1,200 times without breaking compared to 100 time for sulfite paper) are extolled. Second, it makes a good impression on the reader, and letters sent on rag paper have a 20% better response rate.

Sheets of 100% rag and 100% sulfite paper are bound in for comparison. Now that the book has aged about a century, the pulp paper is even more noticeably inferior! Hardcover, printed front board. Light wear to edges, light soiling. Introductory printed letter laid in. Very good condition overall. $10

From Spruce Tree to Writing Paper

Erie: Hammermill Paper Co., c. 1949.

Quarto pamphlet (unfolds to 25-1/2″ x 11″) printed in brown & black.  Covers are a map showing the Great Lakes region, with the Hammermill Paper Co., Erie PA, dotted lines showing (presumably) how trees get to the mill, then paper flying out of the mill to a hand/quill posed to write.

 The internal (4) pages give a brief history of paper making, with the final two pages focusing on the Hammermill Method, the Fourdrinier Paper Machine, and the Finishing Room.  Illustrated with photos of factory, machinery & some drawings.  Printed on Substance 100 Hammermill Offset, White, Homespun finish.

Minor toning to edges, small tears to edge of folds.  LOC copyright entry of 1936 shows up for this title, but the copyright printed on the catalogue itself is 1949. No copies found on WorldCat under either date; Google only shows the LOC entry. Scarce paper sample & manufacturer’s promotional material. Very good condition with small tears to head & tail of spine. $25

The Paper-making Machine: Its Invention, Evolution and Development

R.H. Clapperton.

Oxford: Pergamon Press, 1967.

A scholarly and thorough description of the development of paper making machines, starting with Louis Robert’s 1798 invention. Appendices include biographies of various inventors and manufacturers. A trove of information.

Two copies for sale:

Rebound in full buckram, withdrawn from university library with some markings. Good reference copy. $40

Three-quarter leather with dust jacket. Withdrawn from community college library with more marking than above, front endpaper creased. Also a good reference copy. $40

The Paper Year Book 1947 edition.

Edited by Bernard Seltzer.

Chicago: Davidson Publishing Compnay, 1947.

An industry publication describing all the uses of paper. Guess what? Paper could be used for disposable containers, food wrapping, bags, straws…all the things that plastic would soon take over….until the 21st century when people began to ask: where are we going to put all this plastic?

Quarto, blue cloth boads. Large dampstain to bottom of pages near spine, a good reference copy. $15

Fourdrinier Papermaking–Stock Supply through Presses

Gunnar Gavlin.

New York: Lockwood Trade Journal Co., 1963.

Subtitled: A monograph on basic papermaking covering the design and operation of paper machines from stock and white water supply and handling through the pressing operation. Includes flowcharts, technical diagrams, graphs.

Blue paper-covered boards with homemade dust jacket. Owner’s name to both endpapers, toning from jacket, else near fine. $10

The Chemistry of Lignin

Friedrich Emil Brauns.

New York: Academic Press, 1952.

At the time it was published, this contained the most information available on lignin. At the beginning of the nineteenth century, wood was thought to be a single, uniform compound. Gradually, a deeper understanding of its chemistry was revealed, but lignin remained something of a mystery:

“In no other field of chemistry does there exist such a discrepancy in opinions as to the constitution of a substance as there is on lignin.” (Hagglund, Wood Chemistry)

Blue cloth boards with gilt lettering on spine. One sentence underlined (the definition of lignin), owner’s name, else very good. $15

Pulp and Paper Science and Technology. Two volumes.

Edited by C. Earl Libby.

New York: McGraw-Hill Book Company, 1962.

Prepared under the direction of the Joint Textbook Committee of the Paper Industry. Illustrated with photos, charts, drawings, etc. Volume I is Pulp and volume II is Paper.

Black cloth boards with silver lettering. Owner’s name to front endpaper. Very good condition. $15

The Dictionary Of Paper; Including Pulp, Boards, Paper Properties And Related Papermaking Terms

New York: American Paper and Pulp Association, 1940.

If you don’t know the definitions of these words, you definitely need this book: color lake, french folio, inch hours, plutarch, torn deckle, wet broke.

Blue cloth boards with gilt titles and rules. Discarded from the Institute of Paper Chemistry Library with their markings. Certainly a good reference copy. $8



Newman Levy.
Illustrated by Abner J. Epstein.

Brattleboro: Vermont Printing Company, 1931.

A humorous poem published toward the end of Prohibition. A monk convinces a sexy woman to stop partying and become a nun–he later regrets it.

Printed from Frederick W. Goudy’s Monotype Deepende, on Mabuki from the Japan Kisogawa Papers.

Mild dampstain to top of pages at hinge, barely visible on rear board. Number 104 of edition of 250. Very good condition, the silver and gold one the cover have been well-protected and are still bright. sold

Paper Samples

An unknown papermaker, 1996.

One file folder containing paper samples; a syllabus (with bibliography and supplies written on back) from a Beginning Papermaking class by Corvallis fiber artist Deb Curtis; three notepaper pages of notes on paper made. The samples are labeled:

Iris – lt gold
Abaca & cedar bark
Cat tail – med brown
Cedar bark (inner), two leaves
Cottonlinter (with flower buds)
Abaca (bowl yucca)
Cottonlinter (with glitter)

Sheets vary, but measure about 9″ x 6″. $30

La Vita di Hadriano Sesto Pontefice Massimo. La Vita del Cardinal Pompeo Colonna.

Paolo Giovio Vescovo. Translated by Lodovico Domenichi.

Florence: Lorenzo Torrentino Stampatore Ducale, 1551.

Two biographies from the popular historian. Pages are numbered 257-459 including colophon (signatures R through Ff; register goes from A to Ff.)

Calf spine and label, plain paper-covered boards. Both the boards and spine have been stained to give it a marbled appearance, though not a particularly attractive one. Glossy finish, possibly from the staining process. Probably done in the late 18th or early 19th centuries; pages not overly trimmed, edges stained light blue. $250

Ragionamento sopra la Divozione al Sacro Cuore di Gesu Cristo dell’ abate Giambatista Conte Roberti con una Lettera Intorna alla Eloquenza del Pulpito, e di Alcuni piu illustre Predicatori Italiani.

Bassano, 1788.

Beautiful light blue wraps printed with white and navy design. Ownership inscription of Casali Bentivoglio Paleotti, Gregorio Filippo Maria, an 18th century Bolognese scientist and poet.

Very good to near fine condition. Other than the inscription, there are no markings, and the pages are bright and crisp. Light rubbing to wraps, modest darkening to spine, but generally very well preserved. The colors of the cover are excellent, and this is a wonderful exemplar of printed decorative papers. sold

Medicina del Cuore, Ovvero Trattato Della Pazienza

Domenico Cavalca.

Rome: Nella Stamperia di Niccolo e Marco Pagliarini, 1756.

Bound in wraps printed with brown triangles, making an even geometric pattern. Domenico Cavalca (1270-1342) was a Dominican monk “who compiled a wealth of moral and ascetic vernacular treatises. His main concern was with fallen women.” (Oxford Companion to Italian Literature.)

Good condition. Pages are clean and unmarked, headpieces and title page vignette are clear and crisp, binding somewhat loose between a few gatherings. Wraps have wear to front fore edge, and chipping with some loss at head of spine; spine panel dulled; front panel a little dulled, small soil spots to front & rear. $175

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