Science Fiction, Fantasy, and Horror presented at the Rose City Virtual Book Fair

We are pleased to present these books to attendees of the Rose City Virtual Book Fair. There’s nothing like an apocalypse to make you want to read some fantastic fiction!

Of special interest is the nice collection of Edgar Rice Burroughs books in bright dust jackets. Some of these have the publisher’s bookplate which reads:

This book is one of the few survivors of a near-disastrous fire that occurred in our store-room on Saturday, May 3, 1958. The fire started as a result of the spontaneous combustion of old Tarzan motion pictures printed on nitrate film.

Although this book shows some fire damage, we are told it has considerable value among collectors. We sincerely hope it will add to the worth of your own personal collection.

Also of interest are the H.P. Lovecraft, Arkham House, and related books, notable for their superb condition.

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Back to the Stone Age.
Burroughs, Edgar Rice; illustrated by John Coleman Burroughs.

Tarzana: Edgar Rice Burroughs, Inc.,1937.

A single member of the crew that Tarzan led to Pellucidar remains behind. His adventures, and his love, are chronicled in this epic fantasy. Don’t let the jacket fool you, it’s not all dinosaurs!

First edition stated, first state dust jacket with lamination. Near fine in blue cloth boards with red lettering; modest wear to spine ends. Dust jacket is very good, remains complete and very bright; spine panel with minor fading; old cellophane tape to verso along edges has kept the edges crisp but darkened a strip along the top and bottom edges of the recto. See image. sold

The Oakdale Affair, and, The Rider
Burroughs, Edgar Rice; illustrated by John Coleman Burroughs.

Tarzana: Edgar Rice Burroughs, Inc., 1937.

Burroughs is immortalized because of his fantasy novels, but he wrote in other genres, as well. These two mystery/adventures may have fantasy elements, but they are primarily driven by plot and character, rather than setting or concept.

First edition stated. Near fine in blue cloth boards with red lettering; very modest wear to tips and spine ends. Dust jacket is very good with short closed tears near corners and spine, creasing to front panel; colors are bright with minor fading to spine panel. Sold

Savage Pellucidar
Burroughs, Edgar Rice; illustrated by J. Allen St. John.
New York: Canaveral Press, 1963.

Four novellas from the Earth’s core. Three of the stories were previously published in magazines, but the fourth was discovered in a safe, years after the author’s death, and this is the first edition of that story.

Fine copy in blue cloth boards with black lettering. First edition, 1963 on title page, no later printings listed, DJ price of $3.50. Jacket fine with slight rippling to front panel. $100

Tarzan of the Apes
Burroughs, Edgar Rice.

New York: A.L. Burt Company, ca 1915.

Only a few literary creations become household names: Tarzan is one of them, and his genesis story seems more like a cultural myth than a story from an old novel. First published in book form by A.C. McClurg in 1914, this is an early reprint, produced from the McClurg plates, and with the same cover art. This copy is a very early reprint, with six pages of publisher’s ads that do not mention other Tarzan titles. It lists the works of Harold Bell Wright ending with The Eyes of the World, which was his 1914 release. McClurg would publish Return of Tarzan in 1915, and it is listed in later Burt editions.

Very good condition in light green cloth boards with black stamped lettering. Very light wear to spine ends, only real flaw being six ink notes on the front endpaper. Original dust jacket is good to very good. Dark green silhouette of Tarzan against light green foliage; artwork by Fred J. Arting. The ivory background is rubbed and moderately soiled, shallow loss to head of spine panel, 1″ tear to bottom of front panel near joint. Presents very well, and is a difficult jacket to find. sold

Tarzan and the Forbidden City
Burroughs, Edgar Rice; illustrated by John Coleman Burroughs.

Tarzana: Edgar Rice Burroughs, Inc., 1938.

Tarzan searches for his lookalike and some diamonds. As great as this dust jacket is, I’m a little disappointed it doesn’t show the scene of Tarzan fighting the unicorn seahorse!

Near fine copy in tan cloth boards with blue stamped lettering. This copy is from the warehouse fire with the bookplate stating so, but the only damage found is very minor smoke discoloration to the bottom edge and fore edge of pages. Dust jacket fine. $100

Tarzan’s Quest
Burroughs, Edgar Rice; frontispiece and jacket by J. Allen St. John.

Tarzana: Edgar Rice Burroughs, Inc., 1936.

A later entry in the series, this also marks the return appearance of Jane. “The bravery and resourcefulness of Tarzan’s mate will further endear her to every reader as they follow her through the jungle to the very threshold of a horrid death.”

Near fine in tan cloth boards with blue lettering. This copy is from the warehouse fire with the bookplate stating so, but the only damage found is very minor smoke discoloration to the bottom edge of pages. Dust jacket fine with just very minor wear at corners, spine color is excellent. sold

The Mask of Cthulhu
Derleth, August.

Sauk City: Arkham House, 1958

Quite definitely my favorite Arkham House dust jacket, courtesy Richard Taylor who designed several for the publisher. Inscribed “Sincerely, August Derleth” on front endpaper. First edition.

Near fine copy in black cloth boards with gold lettering to spine. Only real flaw is owner’s name stamp to top of front endpaper. Dust jacket fine with just minor rubbing to rear panel. $350

Daughter of the Empire

Feist, Raymond E.; Janny Wurts.

Garden City: Doubleday & Company, 1987.

A relatively early novel for both authors, and the first of their Empire trilogy, a political fantasy sure to please fans of Game of Thrones or Dune.

Fine in near fine jacket. Flat-signed by Feist on title page, first edition stated. Sold

Revolt in 2100 [Jack Chalker’s copy]
Heinlein, Robert.

Chicago: Shasta Publishers, 1954.

Heinlein’s revolutionary novel, “The Prophets and the triumph of reason over superstition!” The faith in rationality and the optimism inherent in early sci-fi is clear in this collection of future history stories. From the collection of Jack L. Chalker, prominent science fiction author best known for his Well World series. A nice association copy, second printing stated.

Very good condition in red boards with black cloth spine; chart endpapers. Chalker’s address stamp to front endpapers, faint tobacco scent. Dust jacket in good condition with darkened spine, split along top third of rear joint, price intact. $500

God Emperor of Dune

Herbert, Frank.

New York: G.P. Putnam’s Sons, 1981.

Frank Herbert’s follow-up novel to the original Dune trilogy. Few science fiction books rank above the original Dune in terms of influence, and this sequel, which takes place 3500 years after the original trilogy, helps to flesh out the world of Dune, and all its creatures. Get ready for two new film/tv adaptations of the Dune series this fall!

Near fine in like jacket. Short closed tear to head of spine panel of DJ; book has very faint smudging to foredge, appears unread. Inscribed by Herbert on title page and signed-and-lined below inscription. First edition with no additional printings. $200

The Lurker at the Threshold
Lovecraft, H.P.; August Derleth.

Sauk City: Arkham House, 1945.

Although Lovecraft gets top billing, the majority of the book was written by Derleth, based on fragments by Lovecraft. Inscribed “Sincerely, August Derleth” on front endpaper. First edition.

Near fine in black boards with gold lettering on spine. Owner’s bookplate to front endpaper. Dust jacket very good with moderate discoloration to rear panel, light wear. $325

Shadow over Innsmouth

Lovecraft, H.P.

Everett, PA: Visionary Publishing Co., 1936.

This is the only book of his that Lovecraft ever saw published, and what a disappointment. Only about 400 sheets were printed and about half of those lost in a fire, resulting in roughly 200 copies of this book distributed. The workmanship is notably less-than-perfect. The pictorial dust jacket goes so far as to have the author’s initials as “.H .P” on the front panel. Nevertheless, a high point for any collection of horror and weird fiction.

Very good condition. Black cloth boards show light soil, pages toned. Sloppiest workmanship of the four copies of this book that I’ve seen, which either makes it better…or worse, depending on your point of view. Text block shaken, blank pages roughly cut. Flaws due to production rather than reading wear. Dust jacket bright, whole, with reflective silver lettering; only flaw is narrow dampstain to bottom inside edge of front flap. Sold

[We have a better-made (which doesn’t mean well-made) copy with the plain white DJ in our Rare Books catalog.]

Bird Box

Malerman, Josh.

New York: Ecco/HarperCollins, 2014.

First American edition of the book which inspired the break-out Netflix movie. It may have also inspired Silence  which in turn inspired A Quiet Place which ultimately inspired the Bird Box movie, going full circle, but that’s mostly up to fans to argue about…but the book Bird Box definitely came first.

Near fine in fine jacket. Remainder mark to bottom edge; first printing with full number line. Sold

Fire & Blood

Martin, George R.R.; illustrated by Doug Wheatley.

New York: Bantam Books, 2018.

The first of a projected two-volume history of the House Targaryen, this Game of Thrones prequel is slated to be filmed as HBO’s projected 2022 release House of the Dragon. It may be needless to say, but I will anyway: don’t hold your breath for the sequel.

Fine in fine jacket. Signed by Martin on special tipped-in page by the publisher. First printing with full number line. $100


Sagan, Carl.

New York: Simon and Schuster, 1985.

Carl Sagan may best be remembered as a popular science writer, with both Cosmos and Dragons of Eden being huge successes, one turning into an Emmy-winning TV series, the other winning the Pulitzer Prize. Maybe someday he’ll be famous galaxy-wide, as he co-designed the plaque on Pioneer 10, the first human-made artifact to leave the solar system. His only novel, Contact, was made into the successful 1997 film starring Jodie Foster as the scientist who first makes contact with alien intelligence.

Near fine in like jacket. Very faint reading soil to foredge. Flat-signed by Sagan on title page; first printing with full number line. Sold

The Hero of Ages

Sanderson, Brian.

New York: Tom Doherty Associates, 2008.

The final volume of the original Mistborn trilogy. Although Brian Sanderson came to a huge audience by finishing Robert Jordan’s Wheel of Time series, he was already a well-established fantasy author by then.

Fine in fine jacket. Flat-signed by Sanderson on title page in black marker; first printing with full number line. Sold

A Night in the Lonesome October

Zelazny, Roger; illustrated by Gahan Wilson.

A horror/fantasy/humor mash-up–who better than Gahan Wilson to illustrate this? I’m not sure you really need to understand the plot of this book, just enjoy the show.

Very good in fine jacket. Small speckles to top and foredge of pages, else fine. First edition with full number line. $50

Arkham House & other Horror/Weird Shelfies

A short title list based on the shelfies below. All copies at least very good, most near fine to fine.

I admit this is kind of a weird way to do a catalog, and yes these are brief descriptions. I’m happy to answer any questions by phone, text, or email. I had planned to bring this collection to the book fair and didn’t have time to individually photograph them all. I hope this works for you as an alternative.

H.P. Lovecraft

Young Lovecraft. Jose Oliver & Bartolo Torres. Kettle Drummer, 2012. Reprints, paperbacks, $8 each, or $20 for all three.

Miscellaneous Writings. H.P. Lovecraft. Arkham House, 1995. 1st ed., $60.

H.P. Lovecraft: A Life. S.T. Joshi. Necronomicon Press, 2004. Trade paperback reprint, Sold.

The Watchers out of Time. Lovecraft & Derleth. Arkham, 1974. 1st ed., $30.

Cthulhu 2000. Jim Turner. Arkham, 1995. 1st ed., $18.

Howard Phillips Lovecraft. Frank Belknap Long. Arkham, 1975. 1st ed., Sold

New Tales of the Cthulhu Mythos. Ramsay Campbell. Arkham, 1980. 2nd ed., Sold

Lovecraft Remembered. Peter Cannon. Arkham, 1998. 1st ed., $75.

Tales of the Cthulhu Mythos. Lovecraft. Arkham, 1969. 1st ed., Sold.

Something about Cats. Lovecraft. Arkham, 1949. 1st ed., Sold

Trail of Cthulhu. Lovecraft. Arkham, 1962. 1st ed, $75.

Selected Letters, 5 volumes. Lovecraft. Arkham, 1965. All first editions, Sold.

Dark Brotherhood. Lovecraft. Arkham, 1966. 1st ed., $110.

Crowley & H.F. Heard

Moonchild. Aleister Crowley. Samuel Weisner, ca 1970s. $200.

Weird Tales of Terror and Detection. Heard. Sun Dial Press, 1944. $20.

The Lost Cavern. Heard. Vanguard, 1948. $25.

Dobbelgangers. Heard. Vanguard, 1947. $20.

William Hope Hodgson

Terrors at Sea. Hodgson. Grant, 1996. 1st ed., $25.

Haunted Pampero. Hodgson. Grant, limited ed., $35.

Deep Waters. Hodgson. Arkham, 1967. 1st ed., $75.

Carnacki the Ghost-Finder. Hodgson. Mycroft & Moran, 1947. 1st ed., $75.

House on the Borderland. Hodgson. Arkham, 1946. Near fine DJ, 1st ed., SOLD.

House on the Borderland. Hodgson. Arkham, 1946. VG/VG, 1st ed., $325.

Collected Fiction, 5 volumes. Hodgson. Night Shade Books, 2003. Sold.

Misc & Clark Ashton Smith

The Rim of the Unknown. Frank B. Long. Arkham, 1972. 1st ed., Sold.

Beneath the Moors. Brian Lumley. Arkham, 1974. 1st ed., $20.

The House of the Worm. Gary Myers. Arkham, 1975. 1st ed., $18.

William Hope Hodgson’s Night Lands, 2 volumes. Andy W. Robertson. Betancourt 2003 & Utter Tower 2007. $70.

Xelucha. M.P. Shiel. Arkham, 1975. 1st ed., $18.

Red World of Polaris. Clark Ashton Smith. Night Shade, 2004. $20.

Selected Poems. Clark Ashton Smith. Arkham, 1971. 1st ed., $65.

Other Dimensions. Clark Ashton Smith. Arkham, 1970. 1st ed., $50.

Abominations of Yondo. Clark Ashton Smith. Arkham, 1960. 1st ed., $100

H.R. Wakefield and Colin Wilson

The Clock Strikes Twelve. Wakefield. Arkham, 1960. 1st ed., $100.

Stayers from Sheol. Wakefield. Arkham, 1946. 1st ed., $60.

Writings, 6 volume set. Wakefield. Ash-Tree Press, $900.

The Mind Parasites. Colin Wilson. Arkham, 1967. 1st ed., $50.

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