We offer a variety of consulting services for your own collection, or one you are dealing with.

Your own book collection:

  • Suggestions for improvements and acquisitions.
  • Organization and/or cataloging.
  • Recommendations & delivery of books for repairs or restoration.
  • Evaluation of wholesale monetary value. Not an accredited appraisal, but an estimation of the market value of the books.

A collection of books or papers that you have inherited:

  • Estate planning, including equitable distribution among family, institutional donations, selling the collection, or sending it to auction.
  • Evaluation of the collection’s market value.
  • Organization, sorting, and properly packing for storage.
  • Before you spend $200 an hour for an accredited appraiser to look at the collection, we can do some of the busywork. This makes the appraiser’s work easier, and your bill lower.

About Scott Givens

Scott Givens

I have over fifteen years in the book business, and have dealt with antiquarian books, “hyper-modern” literature, professionals’ reference libraries, genre completists’ collections, you name it. I evaluate roughly 150,000 books per year, and have become rather efficient at it.

Consulting services cost $45 per hour plus travel expenses. Every collection is different, and I am happy to work within your needs and budget.

Why should you pay for these services instead of just asking a bunch of book dealers your questions? The main reason is that by paying a consultant, you are sure to have him as a disinterested third party. I hear a lot of horror stories in the bookstore, and having an expert on your side adds a measure of safety to whatever decisions you are facing. Since I am already being paid, I don’t have the ulterior motives of trying to make you sell or buy books in order to pay for my time.

The second reason is simply a matter of time. A typical discussion I might have with a customer at the store lasts around 15 minutes for a single book, especially with all the how-do-you-do’s and thank-you’s. If you have a collection of hundreds or even thousands of books, your time would surely be much better spent paying a consultant to work hard for a few hours than wasting nearly endless hours getting “free advice”–which is often worth what you pay.