We are not buying books at this time. If you would like to donate books, please call to make an appointment. We will quarantine the books for at least a week to ensure there is no contamination. Any books we don’t want will be given away for free. Call Mon-Wed, Fri-Sat; phone hours are 10AM-12PM (541) 926-2612; and 1PM-3PM (541) 758-1121.

After the health crisis, our policies will go back to normal:

We are happy to look at any books you would like to sell.  A few general guidelines:

  • The decision-making process is different for trade and for cash.  We buy more books and pay 50% more for those books taken in on trade than for cash.
  • Most modern paperbacks (romance, mystery, fantasy, etc.) are purchased for trade only
  • Many modern (last 30 years) books are more likely to have value in trade credit instead of cash

Books for which we pay top dollar:

  • Collectible books, such as important first editions, signed books, rare books
  • Fine press books and finely printed limited editions
  • Old books (generally, printed before 1850)
  • Collections, professional libraries, etc.

Things we do not buy:

  • Reader’s Digest Condensed books
  • National Geographic magazines unless from 1919 or earlier.
  • Most magazines printed in last 30 years
  • Most book club editions
  • Books that are damaged, mildewed, etc.

Things we buy which might surprise you:

  • Loose paper: old letters, photographs, paperwork, postcards, scrapbooks. (Mostly pre-WWII)
  • Sales catalogues or samples
  • Old maps
  • Current textbooks

If you have a large collection of books and would like us to come to your house, please call us and ask for Scott.  (541) 758-1121 or (541) 926-2612.