October 2019 Newsletter

Subscribe Past Issues RSS Translate https://mailchi.mp/15d31bc5cd0f/browsers-bookstore-newsletter-for-october-2019 Store News We are back from a successful trip to the Seattle Antiquarian Book Fair…now comes the hard part — unpacking. Here … Read more »

May 2019 Newsletter

This link will take you to the page with pictures: Browsers' Bookstore newsletter for May 2019 Store News Thanks to everyone who visited Browsers’ on Independent Bookstore Day! … Read more »

Newsletter for May, 2018

This email with pictures can be viewed at this Mailchimp URL: https://mailchi.mp/ec13c3ea2a10/browsers-bookstore-newsletter-for-may-2018 Spring Cleaning This past month, we’ve driven all over the Northwest, buying several large collections. This … Read more »

Newsletter for April 2018

Our newsletter is out! For ALL of the pictures, please view it on the Mailchimp site:¬†https://mailchi.mp/8f1be6de3dc8/browsers-bookstore-newsletter-for-april-2018     Spring Cleaning It’s that time of year when people start … Read more »

March 2018 Newsletter

To see ALL of the pictures, please view it on the Mailchimp site:¬†https://mailchi.mp/a76933f4e48b/browsers-bookstore-newsletter-for-march-2018 Store News The news is: tons of incoming books! Three big collections: H.G. Wells, auto … Read more »

Newsletter & E-list for December 2018

To view this with photos, please follow this link: https://mailchi.mp/c18b2a34ccd8/browsers-bookstore-anniversary-sale-newsletter-for-october-130797 HAPPY HOLIDAYS! Both stores are trying to gear up for the holiday shopping season, but…Every few years, a … Read more »

Newsletter & E-list for January 2018

To view photos of the books, please follow this link: https://mailchi.mp/6a138f91eb08/browsers-bookstore-newsletter-for-january-2018   Happy New Year! At last, the holidays are over and things are starting to get back … Read more »