Of course, there is no need to tell you that Browsers’ Bookstore is the best bookstore in Oregon! However, we admit that we don’t have everything in stock all the time, so we happily recommend you shop at other bookstores. Here’s a list of booksellers in Oregon that you might want to visit.

[work in progress…I’ll add more stores & links as I have time]

Portland Bookstores

Another Read Through. The owner has made several TV & podcast appearances. A focus on LGBTQ literature.

Backstory Books & Yarn. This is primarily a bookstore, but also a place to pick up recycled yarn for your favorite knitter.

Bearly Read Books. One of the best places in Portland to shop for paperbacks.

Belmont Books. A newer store, and tiny. I haven’t been there yet but have ONLY heard good things about it!

Books Around the Corner. I haven’t been there yet, but the owner seems awesome, so I’ll assume this is a good store!

Burnside Rare Books. By appointment only, but if you are a serious collector of 20th century literature, make an appointment.

Chaparral Books. If you like Western Americana, this is the store to visit. They have an “Annex” in the same strip-mall.

Crooked House Books. Simply put, this is the store I wish I could have. Vintage and antique books with an eye on book design, illustrators, and classic titles. Also, the best vintage cooking section in the Pacific Northwest.

Daedalus Books. Intellectual history, literature in translation, and a very knowledgeable owner.

Monograph Bookwerks. Art & weirdness. I love this store.

Mother Foucault’s Bookshop. Philosophy, literature, poetry. The hippest bookstore in Portland.

Passages Books. A fascinating selection, focusing on book arts, poetry, and art. The shop has the appearance of an art gallery, but if very shopable.

Powell’s Books. There’s no getting around the fact that Powell’s has a huge inventory. If you’re looking for a specific book, this is a good place to try. Also–their long & tall aisles are great for selfies!

Vintage Books. Yes, it’s over the river, but this store has supplied Vancouver with books for many years.

Wallace Books. A neighborhood bookstore. Other than the fact that they are friendlier than we are, this is about as close as you get to a Browsers’ Bookstore in Portland.

Windows Booksellers. All the way in North Portland, but worth the drive if you’re looking for Christian books.


Book Bin. New, used, and remainders. The Salem store has a rare book room that’s worth visiting.

Browsers’ Bookstore. Admittedly messy, but a great selection. A surprising number of rare books for a small town store.

J. Michaels Books. Okay, maybe this is the store I wish I could have. I have no idea how this store stays so clean.

Literate Collector. The owner of this store makes extraordinary efforts to find books for you. Half the store is paperbacks, a great store for readers.

Smith Family Bookstore. Also on the messy side, a selection of used & some new, mainly catering to University of Oregon students.

Oregon Coast

Bob’s Beach Books. Operated by the daughter of Robert’s Books, this is a clean & tidy store that focuses on new releases.

Gold Beach Books. Bigger than you’d think!

Robert’s Books. A must-stop on the coast, this sprawling store always has something you haven’t seen before.

Southern Oregon

Ashland Book Exchange. I’ve only been there once, but was suitably impressed. One of our employees used to work there and loved it.

Eastern Oregon

Lonesome Water Books. This used to be a great store–it’s been sold (I think), and I haven’t been there since. Probably still good.