Archery: Its Theory and Practice

Horace A. Ford



Horace A. Ford is known as the greatest target archer of all time. He first picked up the bow in 1845, and a mere four years later won the Grand National Archery Meeting held in the United Kingdom. He proceeded to win an amazing, and unmatched, eleven consecutive championships, and a twelfth “comeback” win. His high score – that of 1271 in the Double York Round in 1857 – remained archery’s high mark for over 70 years.

That this work is the foundation for virtually every subsequent book on archery methodology, there can be little doubt (indeed, Ford’s book is even referenced by the Oxford English Dictionary under “self-bow”). Although minor improvements have been made in the past 150 years, the book still stands as a triumph “of a practical Work on Archery by a practical archer.”

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