This page is active but under construction. I’ll be adding lots of photos & sections as I have time. If you’d like pictures of any shelf in particular, please email me!

The first two test photos are books that have come back from the “mylar factory”–so, consider this like the New Arrivals section of our store. (Also, because these were taken at home with bad lighting, and the books are in mylar, the photos aren’t great…future ones should be better.)

Right-clicking on any photo, and selecting “open link in new tab” will pull up a zoom-able image. (I’m trying to make this easier…have patience, I’m a bookseller, not a computer whiz!)

Table of Contents (alphabetical):


DVD 1  

DVD 2 

DVD 3 

DVD 4 

New Arrivals

3/22/20 New arrivals A 

3/22/20 New arrivals B 

Rare Book Room

3/24/20 RBR north wall 

3/24/20 RBR east wall

3/24/20 RBR west wall 

3/24/20 RBR horror spines 

3/24/20 RBR modern lit & Anne Rice spines 



3/24/20 Beverages 


Mystery Paperbacks

3/24/20 – Mystery C1