The Ship of Fools. Sebastian Brant.

The Ship of Fools.Sebastian Brant.Dover: 1962/1944/1494 Originally written in 1494, this book is comprised of 112 poems, each describing a particular “foolishness” in an insightful and frequently humorous way.  … Read more »

Wicked. Gregory Maguire

Wicked.Gregory Maguire. An awful and tedious perversion of the Oz story. I can think of nothing to recommend it: the writing is ostentations, the characters are ridiculously unbelievable, … Read more »

Car. Harry Crews

CarHarry CrewsWilliam Morrow, 1972. A shockingly good story. Herman, the son of a junkyard owner, decides he is going to make his claim for fame by eating a … Read more »