R.U.R. Karel Capek.

R.U.R. Karel Capek. Washington Square Press: 1969/1923 I have always known this book for two reasons: it is the origin of the word ‘robot’ and it has always … Read more »

Truckers. Terry Pratchett

TruckersTerry PratchettDelacorte: 1990. The first in a new series for teens, Truckers has the usual (though a bit toned down) Pratchett humor and wacky mythology. This mythology is … Read more »

K-PAX. Gene Brewer.

K-PAX.Gene Brewer. Classified as sci-fi, this was a disappointing novel of a mental patient who thinks he’s from another planet. (Disappointing mainly because there’s was nothing “sci-fi” about … Read more »