Browsers’ Bookstore is a pair of brick-and-mortar bookshops located fairly centrally in Oregon. We have lots of customers who make the trip (pilgrimage?) from Portland, Salem, Eugene, the Oregon Coast, and Eastern Oregon…and a few further afield. We are open six days a week, and hope you can find a way to make Browsers’ a regular stop.

Coronovirus measures at Browsers’ Bookstore

“Coronavirus Blog”

The coronavirus is probably a world-changing event. The posts about this have to be innumerable, but here is my own, from the perspective of a bookseller and a small business owner:

Coronavirus Archives – Browsers' Bookstore

Coronavirus update:

It breaks my heart, but I can no longer morally justify keeping the doors of Browsers’ open. On March 22, I had to lay off all employees. It is shameful to admit my failure to be able to adapt quickly enough to this rapidly-changing world, but I want to publicly apologize to my staff. Combined, they had 57 years of service working at Browsers’ and every single one of them is truly a good person, and they have all inspired me in their own ways.

New hours until further notice:

10AM-3PM every day except Sunday.

On some days, I will also be in the Corvallis store from 4PM – 5PM.

We are open for browsing by appointment during these office hours, but strict social distancing rules will be in place. You will be asked to use hand sanitizer upon entry.


How to buy books:

  1. Email or message me a list of authors, titles, subjects.
  2. Call us during above hours.
  3. Go to the “shelfie” page on our website to browse a few shelves (I’ll be getting this populated with lots of photos in the next few days.) Alternately, send me a request for a shelfie of your favorite shelf!
  4. Free shipping in Oregon for orders of $15 or more.
  5. Curbside pick-up is available during the above times.
  6. New books can be ordered the same way.
  7. Your store credit still works just fine for books in stock or for ordering new books.


How to sell books:

  1. At this point we are only buying rare & collectible books. Please email or call for Scott.


How to donate books:

  1. If you just want to get rid of books, but don’t need any credit or cash, make an appointment during the hours above.
  2. We will quarantine your books for at least one week before even looking at them. This will ensure that no contaminated books are on the shelves.
  3. Anything we don’t want, we will put outside for free.


Friends–I truly hope these are all temporary measures. I have devoted over 18 years to make Browsers’ Bookstore an asset to our local community and to book lovers around the world. The steps we are taking are the best shot at having Browsers’ exist in a post-coronavirus world. I hope to see you all there.


FREE SHIPPING to Oregon customers! If you want books, want to shop local, but are self-isolating, it’s okay. Any purchase over $15 can be mailed for free to our neighbors. Just email us ( a list of authors or titles or subjects to get the conversation started.

The covid-19 situation is unlike anything most of us have seen. There are two sides: health and economy.

Browsers’ has been cleaning the stores’ touchable surfaces & washing our hands regularly, but effective immediately, we are taking the next step: we will not be buying books over the counter until further notice.

Although the virus apparently can’t live on surfaces for more than a few days, we just want to eliminate that risk factor altogether.

I know this will be inconvenient, especially to our paperback exchange customers, but I believe it is in the best interest of the health of all customers and employees.

As it turns out, the most frequent response tourists and new customers have to our store is: “Oh, my gosh, you have a lot of books!” So…I don’t think we’ll run out of inventory any time soon. Plus, we have something on the order of 200 pre-virus boxes of books that aren’t even unpacked, so we still have new stuff to shelve!

As for the economic side of the crisis: we may be shortening hours eventually, but not at this time. I have given all employees the opportunity to stay home if they want, so if we are short-staffed during your visit please have patience.

Please be vigilant about your own health. And also, keep reading!

Scott Givens


The William Stafford Collection

Browsers’ is pleased to announce that we have acquired about a thousand books from the personal library of Oregon’s Poet Laureate for 15 years, William Stafford. This is one of the most significant collections of poetry to come out of the Pacific Northwest, so if you have an interest in poetry, now is the time to participate. Please read this post for more details.

Those hard-to-find books?

Every month, we send out a newsletter with a variety of books–usually one or two rarities, one or two silly things, and a handful of stuff that you might not stumble across if you’re just browsing through the shelves. Also, a few times a year we give advance notice of sales, newsletter-only coupons, or employment opportunities. Be sure to sign up today!











Where else is Browsers’?

A surprising number of local book buyers discover us through some cool book we have in our online listings or social media. A fairly new online marketplace for us is Etsy, so be sure to check out our shop there for books that aren’t easy to find by just looking around our bookstores.

Find this old copy of “The Princess and the Goblin” and more at


(Almost) Daily posts on Instagram

Follow us on Instagram to see some of our most photogenic books and other cool book-related images. We sometimes sell stuff on Instagram before it even makes it to the shelf or our online listings, so it’s a good way to keep in touch with new arrivals.

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Can’t make it to the bookstore?

If you don’t live in Oregon, or if we don’t have what you need in stock, you can order new books, movies, music, or ebooks at discounted prices using the link below. (We make a little commission, so you’re still helping us out.)


Thanks for supporting Browsers’ Bookstore!

If you love Browsers’ (which I’m sure you do), you might also like some of our fellow members of the Cascade Booksellers Association. (This is the organization that puts on the annual book fair in Portland.) Buying local really does make a huge difference in our community.



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The Catcher in the Rye

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