Browsers’ Bookstore was founded in 2001 in Corvallis, Oregon. In 2006 we bought the 15-year-old Albany Book Company (in the old Shakey’s Pizza building). We have no plans for a third store…two is enough work! 🙂

We have a commitment to the environment: not only are we re-using products made of a renewable resource (paper), but the Albany store is almost completely solar-powered, and both stores offer a free book recycling service to the community.  (No, you cannot throw your books in the mixed-recycle bin at home.)

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Meet the staff!

staff scott

Scott Givens

I love the older books. My collection at home is mostly the classics, although I have a growing Terry Pratchett collection.



I collect everything from Thomas Browne to books about miniature golf.



I love zombie books!


Where’s MY picture?



Don’t take my picture! Don’t take my picture!

staff diana


Why read anything other than the holy trinity of P.G. Wodehouse, Rex Stout, and Jane Austen?


Abe Richmond

Scott is older than my parents.